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Professional Fees and Pre-Inspection Agreement

Our Professional Fees

For most people, buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase they will make. No two inspections are alike because no two homes are identical. Each home and property is unique in their own way, even those that were identically built by the same builder in the same subdivision community.

We inspect. Anyone else is just looking around.

Each inspection is unique because no two homes are exactly alike. We custom-tailor our professional fees to the size, complexity, time, and the scope of services to reflect the value you will be receiving from us. Our typical fee for a general home inspection and report for a single-family home starts at $345.

We also provide Radon Measurement Services and Termite Inspections in accordance with protocol established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. We measure radon levels using the simultaneous short-term method with charcoal canisters for a base fee of $190. Our inspection service for termites and other wood destroying insects are performed for $95 and includes the FHA/HUD termite inspection certification.

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Our Pre-Inspection Agreement

Click here for a sample copy of our Pre-Inspection Agreement