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Dryer Vent Safety

by Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard

Clothes dryers evaporate the water from wet clothing by blowing hot air past them while they tumble inside a spinning drum.

Heat is provided by an electrical heating element or gas burner. Some heavy garment loads can contain more than a gallon of water which, during the drying process, will become airborne water vapor and leave the dryer and home through an exhaust duct (more commonly known as a dryer vent). A vent that exhausts moist air to the home exterior has a number of requirements:

Aluminum Siding

by Nick Gromicko and Ethan Ward

Aluminum siding is generally in decline as an exterior cladding material because vinyl siding and other materials have become more popular choices. However, it is still among the most common forms of siding found today....

Central Humidifiers

by Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard

Humidifiers are devices that humidify air so that building occupants are comfortable. Central humidifiers are hard-wired into a house’s plumbing and forced-air heating systems...

What is humidity?

Ungrounded Electrical Receptacles

by Nick Gromicko and Rob London

Smoke Alarm Inspection

by Nick Gromicko and Rob London

A smoke alarm, also known as a smoke detector, is a device that detects smoke and issues an audible sound and/or a visual signal to alert residents to a potential fire.

Facts and Figures

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:


by Nick Gromicko and Rob London

Thermostats are devices designed to control the heating and cooling systems in a building so that air temperature remains comfortable. According to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice, inspectors are not required to verify, inspect or determine thermostat calibration, heat anticipation, automatic setbacks, timers, programs or clocks...

It is wise, however, for inspectors to understand thermostat operation and solutions to common defects.

Adjustable Steel Columns

by Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard

Adjustable steel columns, also known as screw jacks and beam jacks, are hollow steel posts designed to provide structural support. An attached threaded adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the height of the post.

A few facts about adjustable steel columns:


15 Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

by Nick Gromicko and Rob London

The following items are essential tools, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to ask an InterNACHI inspector during your next inspection about other tools that you might find useful.

1. Plunger

10 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

by Nick Gromicko, Ben Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard

Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes run on less energy, and here at InterNACHI, we want to change that. Drastic reductions in heating, cooling and electricity costs can be accomplished...

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